Whitepaper - Cybersecurity: Simplifying Complexity

What Makes a Great OT Asset Management and Visibility Solution?

Find out what to look for in an OT asset management and visibility solution in this new whitepaper by OPSWAT and ISS Source. 

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See—Keep Track of Your OT Assets and Understand How to Protect Them

OT Worker using OT device

Simplifying Complexity

An active OT environment is home to devices of various ages, makes, countries of origin, and more—and they all need to be protected from threats. See how the right asset management and visibility solution can help simplify the complexities of protecting your network.

A Converging Landscape

Cybersecurity professionals are being asked to wear many hats as the world of OT and IT merge. Discover how an asset management and visibility solution can help close the skills gap.


Actionable Alerts

Constant monitoring and alerts are only part of the solution—an asset management and visibility tool should know what is normal for your network so it can alert you of potential threats in a way that makes sense for its operator.

Staying Compliant

New regulations around OT cybersecurity are being frequently introduced. Proper asset visibility can help you stay compliant with them.


Discover the DNA of a high-performing OT asset management and visibility.