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Predictions for 2023 from the SANS ICS/OT Cybersecurity Survey

Discover the current state of ICS/OT cybersecurity priorities and 2023 predictions as ranked by over 300 companies across industrial verticals ranging from energy, chemical, critical manufacturing, and nuclear, to water management and more in the latest SANS survey.

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Where are the biggest gaps in cybersecurity coverage?

See what those surveyed think is missing from their strategy and where they need the most help.

Are you focusing on the riskiest threat vectors?

There are many avenues for cyberattacks to infiltrate your network – find out how they rank amongst your peers.

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What does it take to develop a proactive cybersecurity solution?

Explore the report and see what those surveyed plan to act on in the next 18 months to bolster their cybersecurity solutions.

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