Unidirectional Security Gateway and Data Diode Comparison Guide


Over 30 Industry-Leading Products Reviewed

The research needed to select the right Unidirectional Security Gateway for your use case and environment can be daunting. To make this process easier, we did the research for you and consolidated it in one place.

This guide includes:

  • The scope of the unidirectional security gateway market
  • Dimensions and hardware requirements of each unidirectional security gateway
  • Each product's compatibility with MetaDefender Kiosk
  • And much more!

To help select the right solution for secure one-way transfers of data, we’ve reviewed over 30 industry-leading unidirectional security gateway products, including details on:

  • Product description
  • Value proposition
  • Security gateway and diode technology
  • Certifications awarded
  • Supported transfer protocols
  • Supported encryption standards
  • Throughput
  • Data masking capabilities
  • Physical dimensions
  • Sales and support contact information
  • Guest user support
  • Documented integration with OPSWAT MetaDefender



Over 1,500 organizations trust OPSWAT to protect their critical infrastructure

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"With MetaDefender CDR, Upwork was able to prevent 100% of zero-day file attacks, compared to only 70% blocked by standard AV. All files with active objects are sanitized; 75% of files are processed and ready in less than a second, and 99% within less than six seconds."

Head of Security, Upwork