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Unsecure File Uploads: A Key Area of Concern in Web Application Security

Did you know:

  • Almost all (99%) organizations using a web application for file uploads are concerned about secure file transfers
  • 82% reported an increase in concern over the past year

Many organizations rely on file uploads to web applications for sharing and transferring documents needed to run their business operations. However, productivity files like word processing documents, spreadsheets, or PDFs are also vectors that cybercriminals can exploit to embed malware and deliver malicious payloads.

What is the impact on organizations in different verticals? What measures are employed for critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity readiness?

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"We needed to track and manage the constant flow of data in and out of our facilities. MetaDefender has enabled us to set up detailed security policies for specific users and keep pace with the ever-changing industry requirements. It adds another layer of protection for us."

Malie Combs
Cybersecurity Analyst Information Technology OPPD